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Despite takfiri threats, millions marking Ashura in Pakistan

SHAFAQNA- Despite of Takfiri deobandi threats, millions of Pakistani Shia Muslims  are commemorating Ashura, the 10th Muharram, across the country, amid tight security, The Shia Post reports

Shia Muslims in Mosques, Imambargah and streets have gathered to mark the martyrdom anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)’s grandson Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his companions in Karbala.

According to local reports, several gatherings have also been attacked in different parts of the country including major cities.

Around 680 AD, Imam Hussein (PBUH) along with his 72 followers was massacred in the battle of Karbala in Iraq by the forces of the tyrant ruler of the time, Yazid, the second Umayyad caliph.

Shia rituals and observances on Ashura consist primarily of public expressions of mourning and grief such as beating one’s chest as well as beating one’s back with light chains to remind the mourners of the pain and suffering of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his followers on that day.

The tragedy of Ashura leaves a permanent mark on the soul of any free and compassionate spirit, regardless of religion or race.

Emergency has also been declared in all the hospitals across the country to meet any untoward situation.

source : Shia post

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