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Discrimination against Muslim women needs to end – Marwa Osman

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SHAFAQNA – This August, Marwa Osman, a prominent Lebanese University Lecturer, political analyst, and media expert was asked upon arrival in Uganda to remove her headscarf in public in order to be allowed into the country.

A guest in Uganda, Ms Osman came as part of a delegation of journalist and official for the Blue Peace Project.

Needless to say that the profound disrespect, and disdain she was shown shook Ms Osman’s confidence in the rule of law. How can we even discuss democratic ideals, and civil liberties if we cannot exercise respect for one another.

However tragic and let’s just say it infuriating this experience might have been for Ms Osman, it is the trend it underscores which is most troubling.

Muslim women have become targets! Muslim women have become scapegoats because Society holds the belief that faith is a disposable commodity.

Muslim women are entitled to their dignity and modesty. Muslim women do not need you to understand the choices they make, only that you respect them.



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