Divine Law rejects any kind of discrimination

SHAFAQNA – It has been mentioned in the practical tradition of the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) that a woman from a well-known tribe (Bani Makhzum) committed a sin and the Prophet (PBUH) ordered for her to be punished according to Religious Law. Osamah bin Zaid came to see the Prophet (PBUH) and asked forgiveness on her behalf. The Prophet (PBUH) said: Swear to God, if my daughter commits burglary, I will cut off her hand, and I will not discriminate between people when enforcing Divine Law. Then the Prophet continued by saying: The misfortune of the previous nations was that if a high ranking/well-known person committed burglary, they used to forgive him/her; and if a weak and not well-known person committed the same crime, they used to enforce God’s Law for that person [1].

[1] Sahih Al-Bokhari, Vol. 4, Page 151.

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