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Diyah (blood money)

Shafaqna (International Shia News Agency) – The Grand Ayatollah Sistani answered some questions regarding Diyah (blood money).According to Shafaqna the questions and answers are as follows:

Question1: In certain cases doctors advise that the foetus is so deformed that it could be very difficult to treat the born baby and, perhaps, it (the child) would live a very short time suffering pain and agony with his parents, then dies. Is it permissible for the would be mother to abort the foetus? Also, is there any difference between the foetus with a spirit and that which the spirit has not yet entered it? Assuming it is permissible, should compensation [or blood money] be payable? Who should pay it?

Answer: Abortion in this case is not permissible, even though the spirit has not entered the foetus, [let alone a foetus with a spirit].

Question 2: What is the rule on intentionally infecting others with the AIDS virus?

Answer: This is not allowed. If it leads —even after the passage of time— to the death of the person who has been infected, then the heirs of the deceased have the right of retribution from the person responsible for causing to demand the infecting, provided that the latter was aware that that infection could lead to death; but if he was ignorant of that effect, or unaware of it, at that time, only indemnity (blood money) and penalty would apply.


Source: Ayatollah Sistani


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