Do not boast about your good deed


SHAFAQNA – A friend came to see Imam Baqir (AS) and he was very happy. Imam (AS) asked him about the reason for his happiness and he replied: I have done deeds which made me happy. Imam (AS) asked: What have you done? He replied: I have heard from my father who said: The believer must be happy on a day when he has served his brother in religion; and today I have served the believers. Imam Baqir (AS) asked: What have you done? He replied: Today, ten believers came to me hoping that I could solve their problems, and I have solved their problems. Imam (AS) said: Be careful that you do not make your deeds null and insignificant. He replied: I am one of your most sincere Shias, why should my deeds become null? Imam Baqir (AS) sighed and said: At this very moment, it became null and destroyed. He asked: Why? Imam (AS) replied: Have you not recited Ayah 264 of Surah Al-Baqarah which says: “O’ you who believe! Do not cancel your charity by reminders of your generosity or by causing distress.” That man said: But I have not boasted. Imam Baqir (AS) replied: You did with God [1].

[1] Al-Borhan fi Tafseer Al-Quran, Vol.4, Page 605.


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