Do not to Sleep with Your Phone in the Bed


Harvard University researchers found that sleeping with mobile phone, especially smart phones, in bed brings about disturbed sleep.

Insomnia is routine problem in the modern world; as more than one adult out of three suffers from insomnia; most people use their phone’s alarm to wake up in mornings; hence, they put their phones under their pillows before going to sleep.

According to researchers sleeping with mobile phone affects negatively the sleeping quality. The major problem of mobile phones is their screen light and this problem has been maximized in new generation of phones, despite their high-quality screen.

Harvard academic and sleep expert Professor Charles Czeisler said, “The rays reflected by the mobile phone screen disrupt the normal trend of body during day and night. These rays stimulate eye’s retina and increase the waking hours; because the mentioned radiation, like other artificial lights, prevents secretion of melatonin during sleeping.

Retina has the highest possible sensitivity to bluish light of phone screens, so using smart phones or tablets for long term before going to bed disrupts sleeping.

According to researchers, the incorrect usage of smart phones at late hours of night has detrimental effects on body as same as alcoholic drinks and narcotic drugs have.

Forget your Phone at Late Hours of Nights

Japanese studies indicate that young adults who use mobile phones at very late hours of night are threatened by psychological disorders such as insomnia. Older studies have found that young adults who suffer from sleeping disorders have a more penchant for doing suicide and self-injury. 18000 Japanese teenagers participated in a questionnaire designed to assess their symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Moreover, sleeping hours of teenagers, their call time or frequency of sending SMSs by their phones before going to bed were analyzed.

Researchers have studied the factors affecting the mental health of teenagers and came to the conclusion that the incorrect usage of smart phones at late hours of night has detrimental effects on body as same as alcoholic drinks and narcotic drugs have. The weak mental health and prevalent suicidal thoughts are more common for teenagers who use their phones before going to sleeping rather others.

According to researchers, stimulating brain alters the secretion of melatonin, as the sleeping hormone, and damages sleeping quality and nocturnal resting. The cause of this alteration has not been evident so far; however, it seems that mental disorders disrupt sleeping. Anyways, it cannot be claimed that using smart phones at the late hours of night solely bring about mental problems or insomnia for young adults, so we need more studies in this area.

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