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Donald Trump is elected President of the United States

SHAFAQNA – Donald Trump is the president-elect of the United States of America, and he did it by completely blowing up the electoral map and all of our projections and expectations of it.

All of this disproves the idea, which most observers and media  have espoused early and often, that Trump’s path to victory was narrow. It wasn’t. It was broad. Mainstream media massively under-estimated America’s need for change. The polls were also wrong.

It was looking like he had to win Florida, Ohio and probably both Pennsylvania and North Carolina. He won all four, but he didn’t even need to. Trump’s win in Wisconsin and apparent victory in Michigan (where he leads but the AP hasn’t made a call) are just the icing on the cake at this point. It looks like the electoral college won’t even be close.


Trump won all of his “must-win” states, anyway, and then added some states that most barely gave him a chance in, proving that everything people thought they knew about the polls and the electoral map was wrong. Wrong, wrong wrong.

The idea that Trump was a big underdog was prefaced upon the idea that states like Michigan and Wisconsin weren’t truly on the table. They were. But he apparently didn’t even need them.

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