Dr.Saeed Shehabi: withdrawal of nationality common policy between Israel and repressive regimes in the Gulf

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Dr.Saeed Alsehabi  secretary-general of the Bahrain Freedom Movement, said that “despite the appeal to the United Nations to world governments to reduce the deprive citizens of their citizenship, and turn them into (Non),” but it is still “targeting opponents this way; one of the weapons used against opponents” in Bahrain and the Gulf, pointing out that this is what «Israel» did with many Palestinians.

In an article on Wednesday, February 18th, in the newspaper “Al Quds Al Arabi,” Shehabi said that “it is supposed to be that the Gulf rulers more comprehension of the fact” that the new generations are “know no borders nor nationality and passport,” and that they “feel complete freedom which they move in the vast Arabian desert without a disability or protocol. “

Shehabi pointed out that is similarity of Israeli policy in this area, and he gave number of examples of withdrawal of citizenship in Israel, for various reasons.

Shehabi said that the new manifestations of oppression “that are exercising widely , is to withdraw citizenship from citizens who the state suspects in« loyalty » to the regime or the political opposition activity,” He said that this phenomenon “intensified (..) after the outbreak of the Arab revolutions, and proceeded several Gulf states to use against opponents, “Shehabi said that” the withdrawal of nationality has become a common Gulf policy and a weapon against opponents. “

Shehabi confirmed that the “wider application for the withdrawal of nationality” happened in Bahrain, referring to the recent decision to “withdraw nationality of 72 citizens without a court decision,” He said that the authorities “have sought to shuffle the cards that included within the existing number of those who have been associated with organized Daash, which was criticized by human rights organizations, especially Amnesty International and Human Rights , “Shehabi said ” Most covered the withdrawal of nationality (they) activists of indigenous claimants political Rights. “

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