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Dr.Shehabi : People of Bahrain won over 6 armies backing Alkahlifa regime

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – General-Secretary of the Bahrain Freedom Movement, Saeed Shehabi Commented on postpone the trial of  human rights activist Nabeel Rajab today Wednesday, February 11, saying  that the ruling Khalifa, Hamad Isa al-Khalifa  realized that he “should drink the poison, and release Nabeel Rajab,” because the world’s human rights stand with Rajab, Shehabi explained that Hamad” Looking for output to release him ” which made postponement of the court an excuse.

Shehabi stressed that the judiciary in Bahrain is “a tool of the dictator Al-Khalifa” which is “used to take revenge on his opponents,” noting that “the decisions of tyranny al-Khalifa governed by foreign attitudes” and the nature of the external attention to some prisoners . Shehabi said that this attention that surrounds the head of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights Rights, Nabeel Rajab, the General-Secretary of al-Wefaq, Sheikh Ali Salman; forced Hamad to maintain his image through repeated postponement of the trial.

In another matter, Shehabi pointed to the great attention given to the issue of Bahrain, where he held yesterday’s press conference, in House of Lords to mark the fourth anniversary of the Bahraini revolution , and confirmed the existence of sympathy about the revolution, and that there is condemnation of the position of foreign ministers of Britain, Philip Hammond, who praised the jurist record of Bahrain.

Shehabi announces  for 2 protest on Wednesday, one in front of racing Formula One Management, and the other in front of the Saudi embassy in London, stressing the continuing of popular movement for Bahraini refugees in Britain, and considered it “an extension of the revolution” at home.

Regarding Khulaifi position, Shehabi said that Hamad “torn with rage, and he sees the People’s preparations to mark the fourth anniversary of the revolution,” where the Khulaifi regime stepped up arrests and unfair judgments and intensify the release of toxic gases.

Against this background, Shehabi stressed the resilience of the people, and said that triumphed over Alkhalifa, who recruited “six armies” to confront it, but they “have not been able to break the spell, and did not succeed in re-Khulaifi regime building to protect himself from falling.”

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