Dr.Shehabi : Saudi occupies lands of Qatar , UAE , Kuwait and Bahrain

SHAFAQNA – Dr.Saeed Alshehabi leader Bahraini opposition comments on Saudi war against Yemen.

  1. ” When regimes with big fire power r allowed to wage wars against weaker neighbours at will, one wonders if there is real world order “
  2. The Saudis have no right to attack Yemen. Yet they are supported by USA, UK. Is there any respect for international law? Immoral #
  3. Four years ago Saudis invaded Bahrain and helped to crush people encamped at Pearl Roundabout, destroy 40 mosques.Deafening silence #
  4. Saudis are the source of modern day terrorism. USA, UK know this. They don’t even allow women to drive. An ally or a libaility?
  5. In the past three decades, Saudis have been expansionist. IN 1992 they grabbed Qatar’s AlKhafoos border post. Invaded Bahrain 2011 #
  6. Saudis grabbed UAE’s land and occupied AlShaiba oilfield, occupied 2 Bahraini Baina islands, occupied Kuwaiti lands near AlAhmadi. #
  7. Bahrainis are protesting illegal war on Yemen. They r fired on in may towns and villages. Regime bans criticism of Saudi-led war #
  8. Alkhalifa dictators decreed that anyone who criticises illegal aggression on Yemen will be punished.Fadhel Abbas arrested yesterday #
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