Dr.Shehabi :Silence when humans are attacked by Jordanian mercenaries is crime


SHAFAQNA – Dr Saeed Alshehabi leader opposition in London , said in his twitter account ” Today’s protest by families of disappeared,injured of Jaw prisoners placed the world in moral dilemma to support victims or killers” , Shehabi added ” Bahrain’s dictator refuses to give the numbers & names of those injured in the frenzied attacks by his dogs. Shameful to be silent ” saying ” When Alkhalifa criminal regime commits heinous crimes against powerless detainees its allies must either speak out or are complicit ” . Pointing on mercenaries saying ” Silence when humans are attacked by Jordanian mercenaries is crime.Families r heart broken as their children’s fate remains unknown “

Shehabi comments on the last week attack of Mercenaries police Backed with Saudi troops of central jail in Jaw , where there are more than 4500 detainees .


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