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Drafting of Civil Rights Charter praiseworthy measure: Bishop

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SHAFAQNA- IRNA: Chief of Armenian Catholic diocese of Iran Bishop Sarkis Davidian described the drafting of Civil Rights Charter for citizens in the Iranian government by the initiative of President Hassan Rouhani as a positive and praiseworthy step towards strengthening the benefits of citizens of religious minorities.

Speaking on the sidelines of the ‘Islamic Revolution and the Four Decades of Solidarity and Sympathy of the Followers of the Monotheistic Religions’, Archbishop Sarkis Davidian told the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) in an exclusive interview that this charter will definitely help citizens of the community, including the minorities and the majority to engage more than ever before.

The Charter of Civil Rights is one of the achievements of the eleventh government of the Islamic Republic of Iran, headed by Hassan Rouhani, whose goal is to promote citizenship rights and to establish a ‘government plan and policy’ as Article 134 of the Constitution is set forth.

Bishop Davidian emphasized on the importance and necessity of respecting the law by all branches of the nation, regardless of ethnicity and religion and noted that Iran’s religious minorities, like other citizens of the country, are moving within the framework of the law and are bound to respect the constitution.

He denied the claims of some of the so-called Western human rights institutions regarding violations of the rights of religious minorities in Iran and said that there is complete freedom in all areas, including in the social sphere and the implementation of religious practices in churches, and there is no pressure by the government on religious minorities.


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