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Dubai’s underwater villas go on sale for Dh5m

SHAFAQNA – If you fancy waking up to a living room submerged several feet underwater, an ongoing project on Dubai’s The World islands may just be the perfect choice.

Setting the bar higher for luxury living, a developer has just unveiled a community of floating villas to a select group of property investors in Dubai. The villas feature underwater rooms “offering magnificent views of the spectacular sea world.”

Each property initially costs a whopping Dh5 million, according to several media reports. It will be a three-level house, with a roof top at the third level and a suite at the bottom floor, submerged 13 feet underwater.

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It will be constructed across a 1,700-square-foot area on The World Islands and will be one of the major attractions of the Heart of Europe project by developer Kleindienst Group.

A source from the office of the developer confirmed to Gulf News that the pre-launch VIP sales event took place on Saturday, but refused to divulge more details.

A new Dubai mega project on The World Islands will feature a complete European experience, from the architecture down to the weather. A new Dubai mega project on The World Islands will feature a complete European experience, from the architecture …The Heart of Europe project, which covers a cluster of six islands, is the first of its kind in Dubai and also promises to feature “rain and snow-lined” streets, private and public sandy beaches, world’s largest open aquarium, outdoor climate controlled streets and a five-star luxury family hotel, among many others.


“The Heart of Europe provides an amazing opportunity to invest in an outstanding hospitality project, in a unique island setting just off the coast of Dubai,” the developer said on its website.

“A city that is home to innovation and intrigue, a destination that is not afraid of dreaming big.”









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