What is the duty of the woman when her husband is an addict and does not pay for her maintenance? The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz’s Fatwa

SHAFAQNA – The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz answered a question about the duty of the woman whose husband is an addict.

Question: What is the duty of women, who are not supported, or their husbands are addicts; they neither divorce their wives nor pay for their maintenance and the situation of these women are really distressing?

The Grand Ayatollah Fayyaz: Regarding the question, those women should go to the representatives of the religious authority of the area, and after explaining their situations; the representatives will contact their husbands and present to them two options of which they must choose one:

  • Pay for maintenance
  • Divorce after a certain period, for example one month or two months

And after the allocated time is elapsed, if their husbands fail to do any of the two (options), then the representative can divorce those women on behalf of the religious authority.



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