Early death

SHAFAQNA – A companion of Imam Sadeq (AS) narrated: I went to seem Imam (AS) and without saying anything, Imam (AS) said: O’ Dawood, On Thursday when your deeds was presented to me, I saw that you carried out a good deed for your cousin. I became happy about your deed but breaking ties with relations will cause your cousin to die early.
Dawood explained: I had a cousin with bad temper and against keeping ties with relations and my stubborn enemy. When I heard he and his family were living in poverty, decided to visit them and gave them some money. I traveled towards Mecca and after a while my cousin died. When I went to see Imam Sadeq (AS) in Medina, Imam (AS) informed me of this event before I say anything [1].

[1] Beharul Anwaar, Vol. 74, page 93.

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