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Ebola outbreak: UK urges decisive action at London forum

Speaking at a conference in London co-hosted with Sierra Leone, UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond called for more financial aid, doctors and nurses.

SHAFAQNA- The UK has called for urgent decisive action from the international community to deal with the growing Ebola epidemic in West Africa.

British nurse William Pooley, who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone, made an emotional appeal for more action.

It is the world’s worst outbreak of the virus, killing 3,338 people so far.

There have been 7,178 confirmed cases, with Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea suffering the most.

Leading charity Save the Children earlier warned that Ebola was spreading at a “terrifying rate”, with the number of new recorded cases doubling every few weeks.

It said that a rate of five new Ebola cases an hour in Sierra Leone meant healthcare demands were far outstripping supply.

‘Horror and misery’

Mr Hammond announced plans for a pilot scheme that would involve setting up community health care centres in Sierra Leone to isolate patients at the early stages of infection when Ebola is less contagious.

The alternative is allowing this disease to progress,” said Mr Hammond, citing a worst-case scenario issued by experts that one and a half million people could be infected by January.

The main agenda of the Ebola Donors Conference in London was to discuss what the global community could do to provide an effective international response.

Ministers, diplomats and health experts from about 20 different countries, including the US, France, Japan, Australia and all of the West African nations hit by the disease, were in attendance.

Speaking at the conference, Mr Pooley described his experiences treating a young boy and his sister, who both died from the disease.

“I put her in a bag and left her next to her brother. She was a beautiful little girl. So, my specific fear is that the horror and the misery of these deaths, really fill a well of my despair.”

He said he did not know what would happen if what he had witnessed was repeated a million times.

Sierra Leone’s President Ernest Bai Koroma was unable to attend the conference at the last minute, but was reported to have participated via video link.


Source: BBC News


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