Ebrahim Sarhan gives harrowing account of Bahraini NSA torture

SHAFAQNA – In a personal and harrowing account, Bahraini human rights defender Ebrahim Sarhan described the torture that he endured at the hands of the kingdom’s National Security Agency (NSA) following an on-air interview with the pan-Arab Al-Mayadeen news channel in May.

Sarhan’s testimony released by Salam for Democracy and Human Rights, recounts multiple interrogations at the NSA offices in Muharraq during which he was continually punched and kicked on his head, stomach and genitals.

After being forced to strip, NSA operatives repeatedly threatened to sodomize the activist using a 7UP bottle.

“If you do not show your willingness to cooperate now, one of our men will rape you,” Sarhan was told by his interrogators who demanded “information about activists”.

Several days after being released, Sarhan was summoned for a second time.

Questioned by one of the senior officers, he was once again asked for “information that threatens the security of the country.”

“Sorry, I do not get such information,” Sarhan replied.

During the interrogation that dragged on for a grueling three hours, the human rights campaigner was also asked “to work with the NSA.”

Earlier this week, SALAM, the Persian Gulf Institute for Democracy and Human Rights (GIDHR), and the Bahrain Forum for Human Rights (BFHR) released their Chambers of Death report, which documented decades of NSA abuses.

Manama reacted angrily to the publication of the report dismissing it as the work of “three anonymous and imaginary human rights organizations.”

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