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Editorial: To know Imam Hussain is to know Islam


SHAFAQNA – There’s been a bit of a debate over Arbaeen whereas many Muslims feel Arbaeen is a Shia festival somehow divorced from Islam. While I can understand how difficult it may be for some given the current climate: sectarianism, radicalism, bigotry, prejudices, I would like to say this:

Imam Hussain is for the whole of Islam. He stood for the whole of humanity … more than that he looked upon all men and women as his brothers and sisters – without hatred, without disdain or arrogance. He laid down his life so that Freedom would not be lost to us. He sacrificed everything so that we would learn to be free.

Imam Hussain is Islam enacted. He is Islam’s very principle of righteous resistance. He is the Word of God made manifest, and the tradition of his grandfather: the Prophet Muhammad.

How can we then say that Arbaeen belongs to any one school of thoughts? Arbaeen is the best of Humanity.

Allow me to remind you that among those brave men and women Imam Hussain stood with in Karbala, several faiths were present.

Under Imam Hussain’s banner it is ALL BELIEVERS who stood in God’s Truth.

Let us remember Hussain ibn Ali for the love, courage and outstanding grace he demonstrated. Let us not say his name in arrogance and price, but in humility and compassion.

Hussain died so that we would breathe free. Hussain died so that we would learn dignity.

So even if for one fleeting moment let us remember our Imam and mourn his death, for Evil stole him away from us.

To know Islam is to know Imam Hussain!

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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