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Educating method for children according to Imam Ali (AS)

SHAFAQNA – In a letter to his eldest son Imam Hassan (AS), Imam Ali (AS) wrote: Urge others to good deeds, and do good yourself; and deny bad deeds with your hands and tongue; and try to stay away from wicked people; and try your best in the way of God (Divine Path); and never allow others criticisms/blames stop you from your endeavours in the way of God. I started your education early, before your heart becomes hard, and your wisdom is engaged with other things, so that you could go towards tasks which others have already tested, so that you do not need to try and find them (use others experience and move forward and find new things), and whatever we benefited from those experiences, you have also benefited, and some of those experiences which were hidden from us, to become clear to you. So at the beginning of your education, I decided to teach you the Book of God (the holy Quran) together with commentaries (Tafseer) of Ayahs (the holy verses), as well as Islamic Law and its decrees for Halal and Haram, and did not go into other things [1].

[1] Nahjul Balaghah, Letter 31.

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