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What is the effect humility before God?

SHAFAQNA – It is narrated from the Prophet of Islam (PBUH) who said: With every person there are two angels and when that person considers himself important, they will say: O’ God, humiliate him. And if he is humble, they will say: O’ God, pick him up and increase his rank. It is narrated that: Allah (SWT) revealed to Prophet Moses (AS): O’ Moses, do you know why I chose you and opted to talk to you? Moses (AS) asked: For what reason? God said: I saw the interior and the exterior of all My servants, and I have not seen any with your humility before God. O’ Moses, indeed when you perform Salaat, you place your face on the soil. In some narrations, it has been mentioned that when God sent revelations to mountains that I will place Noah’s Ark on a mountain, all the mountains raised their neck, except the Mount Judi which showed humility before God and said to itself: With all these mountains, why should it be placed on me? So, the Ark was placed on it. One of the effects of showing humility before God is that the person who does so, will be honoured and respected by others, and all the hearts will like him, and the opposite will happen to the one who considers himself important [1].

[1] Merajal Sa’adah, Page 237.

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