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Egypt: Cemetery Workers sold human parts to Medical schools

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SHAFAQNA- Some local sources reported yesterday that a number of traders in Egypt’s Sayeda Zeinab neighbourhood have confessed that they had sold skulls and human body parts to medical schools.

The police station in the local town said the skulls found in possession of the defendants belonged to the bodies of people who had been buried, Middle East Monitor reported.

According to the police: “The defendant, Fawzeya, used to identify the bodies of victims who died in accidents as well as the bodies of homeless persons.”

According to the investigations, 30-year-old Fawzeya worked at a cemetery and helped bury the dead while her 35-year-old brother Saber, worked as a guard at a cemetery. They had been stealing skulls of dead bodies and selling them in the country’s different medical schools.

The defendants are due to appear on trial on Sunday.


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