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Egypt: Islamophobia Monitoring observatory praised Spain Foreign Minister

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SHAFAQNA- In a statement, the Islamophobia Monitoring Observatory at Egypt Dar Al-Ifta praised Spain Foreign Minister Josep Borrell in support of Islam and Muslims.

The Spanish Foreign Minister described Islam as part of this European country in response to the extreme right-wing party’s statement against the migration of Muslims and Arabs.

In response of the Wax extremist right-wing party who demanded the reduction of Arabic and Islamic symbols in Spain, Borrell responded to their request, declaring that Islam did not enter Spain through immigrant boats, but Islam was part of the country.

The statement called on Spanish Muslims to play a positive and active role in community and to be a genuine part of it and become the model of patriotism and defense of their homeland’s interests.

The observatory also urged Muslims in Spain and the west not to pay attention to the extreme right-wing party’s efforts to provoke them and to create conflicts between Islam, Muslims, and the Spanish and Western communities.

Spanish Foreign Minister recently stated in a speech that Islam is part of Europe, and Spain is also part of Europe, where Islam has emerged in this country seven centuries ago, and it is a matter of distinguishing it.

It is worth noting that two million Muslims live in Spain, some of whom have Spanish nationality.


This News is translated to English by Shafaqna.

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