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Egyptian writer pro-Sisi calls to wage war on Saudi Arabia and eliminate them

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – Egyptian Writer who lives in the United States, Magdi Khalil, calls President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi to eliminate the Saudi state. Khalil accused  a permanent guest on Al-Arabiya, in an article published on his page in Facebook yesterday and reported by news sites, Saudi Arabia publishes Wahhabi extremist ideology “which is made of terrorist Brotherhood, and supported.” And highlighted in the long essay entitled to “Egypt and Saudi Arabia .. from Muhammad Ali to Sisi” light on the history of the Saudi state for the past three hundred years, noting that Saudi kills Muslims.

He said: “The King Abdullah was a supporter of Egypt, the King Salman is known as a hard-line Wahhabi, He sacked the men who were supporting Egypt, and brought militants.” He recalled that at the request of the Ottoman Empire sent Muhammad Ali governor of Egypt’s military forces to Dir’iya In 1818 (the capital of the first Saudi state) “and destroyed, cutting off the ears of four thousand Wahhabi, and sent the Saudi state leaders to Istanbul, where he cut their throats, and I threw them for dogs.” He believed that Egypt will not be stable , but the elimination of the Wahhabi (as did Muhammad Ali).

It seems the article came after sharp changes are expected to occur on the Saudi policy in support of Egypt, as Khalil said in an article written asking King Salman week before “determining the position of Egypt explicitly,” certain that Saudi Arabia will end out of existence if it lose the protection of the Egyptian army.
It is noteworthy that Magdi Khalil, a Christian, claims to be secular, but it often appeared in missionary channel called Life attacking Islam constantly and was founded by priests Egyptians residing in Cyprus, and came out in meetings in the anchor program, a Moroccan converted from Islam to Christianity, describes the Holy Prophet a “terrorist bloodthirsty, and that the Koran calls for the killing of non-Muslims.”

Image Source : Bahrain Alyoum

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