England to host program celebrating Lady Zaynab birthday


SHAFAQNA – According the center’s website, the program, titled “Zaynab (SA), The Great Lady”, will be held on Saturday, February 4.

It will celebrate the birthday of the great lady who is a symbol of fortitude and patience.

The program will begin with recitation of verses from the Holy Quran by Sayed Jalal Masoomi.

It will be followed by a speech by Sheikh Ayub Rashid on the character and virtues of Hazrat Zainab (SA) as a role model for all Muslims.

There will be also poetry reading by Kawther al-Zubeidi and Nasheed (religious songs) by Imran Datoo, as well as special programs such as competitions for children.

The Islamic Center of England-London (ICEL) was founded in December 1995, and opened officially in November 1998.

According to the website, the center, in common with other Islamic organizations in Europe, wishes to provide spiritual guidance for the Muslim community at large, and also wishes to cater for the social, cultural, educational and recreational needs of members of the community – especially women and the next generation.

The Centre’s other main objective manifests itself in its sincere effort to disseminate authentic knowledge about Islam and to provide non-Muslims with a better and clearer understanding of Islam.

ICEL seeks to build bridges with the society at large and establish closer ties between peoples of different faiths and cultures all over the world.

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