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Essex Muslims and Christians come together to feed homeless community

SHAFAQNA – Essex’s Muslim and Christian communities came together on Sunday (18 June) to help feed Chelmsford’s homeless.

The annual event took place at Trinity Methodist church of Rainsford Road, Chelmsford, where local homeless people were invited to share food cooked and donated by Muslims living in the county.

Islamic Representative of the Mid-Essex Interfaith Forum, Sidra Naeem, organised the event with the help of people belonging to both faiths.

She said: “It was a huge success in breaking down barriers and dispelling some of the myths around Islam.

“It shows that events like this can establish peace, harmony and unity in the community.”

Sidra kicked off the event, attended by members of both Muslim and Christian communities and the Interfaith Forum, with a presentation on the Islamic holy month, charity and the importance of helping the homeless within the community.

The presentation aimed to improve race relations between Muslims and non-Muslims, with on audience member commenting that the “answers dispelled a lot of myths and helped break down barriers” between faiths.


After the presentation, more than 150 different types of dishes from around the world were eaten

 Once the event was finished, the excess food was transported to two Chelmsford locations: the CHESS homeless shelter and Little Belstead’s Care Home.

The evening concluded with prayers and a dialogue on the importance of multi-culturalism and diversity in the local community.

Following the success of the event, Sidra will now be arranging for homeless people to visit the local mosque soon.


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