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EU moves for an arm embargo against Saudi Arabia over Yemen

SHAFAQNA – European Parliament lawmakers adopted a resolution calling for an arms embargo against Riyadh over its military operation in Yemen.

The European Parliament adopted a resolution Thursday calling for an arms embargo against Saudi Arabia due to its operation in Yemen.

​The document was adopted with 359 against 212 votes.Yemen has been engulfed in a military conflict between the government headed by President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and Shiite Houthi rebels since 2014.

A Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Arab countries launched airstrikes against the Houthis-led Resistance in March last year at former President Hadi’s request.

According to various sources the coalition bombardments have killed an estimated 10,000 than people and injured more than 16,500. Saudi Arabia has been severely criticized by human rights organizations for killing and wounding civilians in the airstrikes.

In February 18, Kim Sharif the founder and head of the International League for Yemen War Crimes announced in London the launch of a campaign against all human rights violations in Yemen, including war crimes and crimes against humanity.



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