European bishops’ conferences pledge to deepen dialogue with Islam

SHAFAQNA  – Bishops and episcopal conference officials responsible for relations with Muslims in Europe have affirmed their commitment to dialogue.

“Islam is a religion rich and diverse in its tradition with many schools of thought,” stated participants in a meeting sponsored by the Council of the Bishops’ Conferences of Europe at the Abbey of St. Maurice in Switzerland.

“However, like all religions, it faces challenges of radicalization within the contemporary context,” the statement continued. “In overcoming radicalization, we need freedom of religion and its underlying principle, freedom of conscience.”

Calling for a “profound self-examination” and “prayer and hospitality towards the ‘other’ in our midst,” the signatories pledged to “renew and deepen our commitment to dialogue from a religious, cultural, and social perspective. We also commit ourselves to engage in a dynamic encounter with Muslims on both the intellectual/academic as well as on the grassroots level.”

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