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European firms eager to return to Iran: Swiss Economist

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- Economic analyst and Executive Manager of Switzerland’s Mistral Equity Fund Andreas Schweitzer said here Friday European firms are quite eager to return to Iran.

Dialogue and interactions with Iran are needed for achieving full mutual understanding, and President (Hassan) Rouhani’s cabinet provides a good chance for such interactions and better understanding,’ said Schweitzer in an interview with IRNA.

Speaking on the sidelines of the Europe and Iran Assembly, the economic analyst said that holding such an assembly in the British capital city was very fruitful and timely not only for the Iranians, but also for the Europeans.

The Swiss firm’s executive director said that the speakers at the assembly also referred to the unique security conditions in Iran unlike its neighboring countries, side by side with Iran’s lack of access to the European and western markets.

‘Such dialogues and communications can lead to greater proximity between Iran and the international markets, and beyond doubt the existence of such relations is better than lacking them,’ he added.

Highlighting the importance of mutual trust building, he said that in that respect it is important that the Iranians, the Europeans and the Americans will have dialogue with one another, but it does not matter which side will propose the initiative for such talks.

‘If we wish to be realistic, we need to state that these sanctions will not be lifted overnight and this will be a step by step process,’ he added.





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