Event Set in January for Windows 10. That’s Right, No Windows 9

SHAFAQNA – Microsoft is planning an event to be held in late January where it will detail consumer features of Windows 10, according to The Verge. [Photo: theverge.com]

Microsoft is set to unveil the consumer preview of Windows 10, the software giant’s upcoming operating system designed to run across multiple platforms.

Sources familiar with the plan told The Verge that Microsoft plans to hold a press event in late January.

Microsoft first unveiled a beta version of Windows 10 in late September. In a low-key event held in San Francisco, the company only invited a limited number of reporters.

In the upcoming event in January, Microsoft is expected to detail consumer features of Windows 10, which is designed to run on PCs, tablets, phones, and the Xbox One. Features likely to be discussed include a new touch interface called Continuum.

Microsoft has highlighted that Windows 10 will be friendly to both enterprise users and individuals.

At the September event, Windows chief Terry Myerson surprised everyone by announcing that the new operating system would not be called Windows 9, and instead, the company had decided to skip the number 9 and jump directly to 10.

Asked why, Myerson avoided a direct answer, only responding that when users see the product in fullness, they would agree that Windows 10 is a more appropriate name.

Microsoft is scheduled to release Windows 10 in 2015.

Source : http://english.cri.cn/12394/2014/11/28/1261s854344.htm

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