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Evidence of corruption and embezzlements against VC Urdu University Islamabab: Shafaqna Exclusive

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

VC Urdu University Islamabad Dr. Zafar Iqabal looted millions during his tenure as VC. Sources revealed that almost Rs.150 million siphoned off from one of the University’s bank account. Lieutenant General ( R) Shahid Aziz Incharge Islamabad Campus Federal Urdu University submitted an inquiry report according to which VC FUUC Islamabad not only boggled up Rs.15 million but also patronized treasure Muhammad Ali and other people in this fraud.

General ( R) Shahid Aziz was stopped to submit this report and later he had been sacked from his post. After axing Shahid Aziz VC constituted a so called inquiry committee which completed its inquiry report in a day and accused of such an individual which had nothing to do with University. It shows that VC Zafar Iqbal is a cheater.

Bak Manger Habib Bank Shalimar Branch recorded its statement against Dr Zafar Iqbal which shows that he tried to boggle up Rs.150 million rupee.

Federal Urdu University has permanent 16 guards but still VC transferred Rs.2 million to a security company owned by sister of treasure Muhammad Ali.

No internal audit took place for paying such a heavy amount to a private security company.

VC hired security guards from a private firm an paid Rs.5000 for each guard to that company.

VC also siphoned off millions by bogus repairing of university vehicles. VC Dr.Zafar Iqbal involved Direct Protocol of transport department Bashir Baghio for the corruption through bogus transport bills. Dr.Zafar Iqbal withdrew a heavy amount for the fuel of transport in one year that was equal to three year fuel expenditures.

He spent 8.7 million on traveling between Islamabad and Karachi within in ten months which was twenty times high than allocated.

He used to pay from Government kitty on his personal tasks.

Renovation of his residence was carried out by Government money allocated for the welfare of university.

Adviser finance of Islamabad Campus resigned because he refused to pay for personal expenditure of VC.

He embezzled millions in tenders given for different things. He also awarded tenders to people of his own chose. All the details of these tenders are available.


Abuse of Power

Dr Zafar allowed opening of illegal campus of University in Lahore.

In order to inaugurate news campus in any city, Permission from University body ( senate is compulsory) and all the requirement for new campus should be fulfilled. Dr Zafar opened new campus without prior permission of the body.

In an interview with Dawn Newspaper he refuted inauguration of new campuses and said that if any one tried to do so he will have to face strict action.

New campus in Lahore admitted more than 20,000 students in number of disciplines and it is tantamount to play with their future.

He received more than 20 million for inauguration of illegal campus of the University in Lahore.

He hired a mansion against Rs.0.2 million rent a month and named it Camp office. He spent about 0.75 million on its renovation. Mansion hired in the name of camp office is in personal use of Dr.Zafar Iqbal and he is using it as guest house.

All the expenses of Camp office are paid by the University.

Camp office has more than six employees for the care of guests and their pays are paid by the university.


Appointment of fake degree holders on high positions


Dr Zafar appointed a fake degree holder as Dean in the department of electrical engineering and HEC later informed University that they could not certify the degree Dean. This Dean was later appointed as Incharge Islamabad Campus.

The president of Electrical Engineering department was appointed degree holder in Computer Science.

He appointed number of Professors and associate professors of his own choice on high salaries and followed no code of conduct while appointing them.


Appointment of Retired Persons on High places against the Law

While defying the orders of Supreme Court of Pakistan, VC appointed aged and retired people for the key posts like Dean, Registrar and Professors.




He appointed dozens of people from his In-laws without any merit and vacancy announcement all of them belong to Chitral.

He filled number of posts with Ghost employs and their appointment was only highlighted on papers while University regularly issues their salary.

One of the example of such Ghost employ is Shamim Akhter who is the son of Director Protocol and he appointed a as purchase officer. He regularly extracts the salary but never came to university even a single day.

Ghost employs have also been appointed on other posts including lecturers and University regularly issues their salaries.


Appointment of VC Dr Zafar Iqbal against the laws

Federal Urdu University advertised post of Vice Chancellor on March ,1,2012 and among 48 candidates University sent three name to President of Pakistan and Chancellor of University. However Chairman search committee deliberated to President that all these three names does not fulfill required criteria as Dr. Zafar Iqbal got 132 number while Dr Altaf and Dr Moeen got 42,42 numbers respectively which are very less for the appointment on the post of VC, therefore the summary of appointment be rejected. On recommendations of the President of Pakistan and Chancellor, University constituted a high level committee. This committee also rejected the three names for the post of VC.


After rejection of these three candidates, University once again advertised the post of Vice Chancellor. In response to advertisement 129 candidates applied for the post including Dr. Zafar Iqbal. Search committee once against selected four names including name of Dr Zafar Iqbal to the University senate. University senate once again included name of Dr. Zafar Iqbal in the summary that was sent to President of Pakistan. President of Pakistan appointed once rejected by his Own Dr. Zafar Iqbal as Chancellor of University.

The question is when Dr. Zafar Iqbal was rejected for not fulfilling the requirement of VC, how committee did included his name in the applicant once again. Because he was declared illegible for this post but later same University declared him legible.

Coram of the senate session which sent final name of Dr Zafar to President was incomplete. According to ordnance of senate, there should be no less than 17 and no more than 21 members for the session while in this session there were only eight people which was totally against the rule.

Two senior members of senate Professor Naushad A Khan and Professor Dr. A.Q Mughal showed their reservation on the list but it was not included in the detail of senate session. Senate even did not inform President about objections posed by two senior members.

All the above facts are present in detail and has been given the shape of booklet by two senators of University Syed Nasir Abbas and Seema Naz Siddiqui.

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