Ex-Da’esh member told Newsweek: If it was not for Turkey’s cooperation, Da’esh could not capture northern Syria

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – An ex-member of Da’esh terrorist group talking to Newsweek revealed the extent of Turkey’s role in Syria. The ex-Da’esh member stressed that if it was not for Turkey’s cooperation, Da’esh could not dominate northern Syria. He added: “Da’esh recognises Turkey as its ally; especially in the war with Syrian Kurds; Kurds who are enemy of Da’esh and Turkey.” He also revealed that Da’esh commanders assured their members of safe passage through Turkish borders. Ex-Da’esh member said: “Our commanders told us that we should not be afraid of anything because we have complete coordination with Turkey and these commanders used to travel to the Kurdish areas everyday and they knew it is impossible for Da’esh to reach these areas through Syria.”


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