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Ex French MP: West wrong in its approach toward Syria

SHAFAQNA – Last week Gerard Bapt, Former Member of Parliament and vice chairman of Iran-France Friendship Group, visited Tehran for the first time. Bapt is also the chairman of Syria-France Friendship Group. During his visit to Iran, he declared his stances and positions on the issue of Syria’s development and the effect of the Western-Arab front on this country’s development, in a brief interview with Alwaght.

Referring to the uncertain prospect of the Syrian crisis, Gerard Bapt declared that in the current situation, it is necessary to simultaneously track two solutions for resolving this crisis.

He believes that first and foremost, the Syrian public must come to the conclusion to establish an independent political system in the country. This can be achieved only with the consent of the people themselves.

Also, countries in the region that are involved in the crisis, as well as other states that can help in this issue, must coordinate actions and attempt to fix the issue with diplomacy. As it is clear now, Turkey has altered its policies, and this alteration could affect the process of developments in Syria.

Regarding the role of Western powers in the Syrian crisis, he also stated that it should be noted that the Western powers made a huge mistake by trying to eliminate the stability in the region with supporting terrorism. Because this instability soon returned to themselves in form of terrorist attacks in Europe. This is the price that the European Union paid for its mistake. In general, this issue will have an impact on Europe.

About the role of the Arab states in Persian Gulf, Gerard Bapt emphasized that these countries have tried to keep oil and profit as their main objective in this situation, which has also made them coordinated with Western countries and states that are against Syria. However, this approach is also wrong, because it ruins regional stability and due to this, these countries themselves will face security challenges in the future.

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