Ex-President Musharraf: Pakistan does not consider USA and West ‘Trustworthy Allies’

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – In an interview with BBC, the ex-President of Pakistan said: “Do you know that in Pakistan we consider United States not very trustworthy? Every Pakistani considers that.” He was reacting to the killings of school children by Taliban, a crime he called a “black day” for his country. He added: “they have no right to be called Muslims, they have no right to be called even human beings, they are animals, we must crush them.”

Reacting to a question about western allies fighting terrorism, he said, Pakistanis do not consider it a “trustworthy ally.” “You have your own ways of dealing with the problem in Afghanistan; we have our own ways of dealing with problems, or in Afghanistan, which influences Pakistan,” he said.

He warned against the US’s “micromanaging” counter-terrorism in other countries, saying: “So therefore, please, the tactics of handling situations, the difference comes in when you start dictating micromanagement and the tactical modalities of handling the issue,” he said. “That is where differences come in. And that is where you feel that we are not very trustworthy — and we also feel you are not trustworthy.”

He continued: “Leave the modalities of how we deal with it, in Pakistan, to us. Because every country has its problems; every country has its internal dynamics, which they have to fit into while they are dealing with extremism and terrorism.”


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