Ex-President of Afghanistan: USA and West are not reliable

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association) – According to Jomhornews, Hamid Karzai, the ex-President of Afghanistan said: West and the USA could not fulfill the expectations of the people in Afghanistan. He added: West and the USA knew that the terrorists use the Pakistani soil and seek refuge there but they had not done anything to crush them. Karzai stressed: His relation with western allies deteriorated when he unveiled the policy of double standard by foreigners especially the USA regarding Afghanistan. Karzai described his country’s relation with the USA like a child and a very strong person and said: I had no other choice except shout to save Afghanistan.

The ex-President pointed to the fact that the US officials do not commit to the agreements and said: At first, the US agreed to defend Afghanistan against attacks but when these attacks occured from Pakistan, the US did nothing and tried to hide them. He continued: After these events I doubted the US’s intention and that is why I did not sign the security agreement between Kabul and Washington. Karzai described the re-building of Afghanistan by the international community and the USA as inefficient and said: The re-building plans by foreigners in Afghanistan is the source of corruption and separation amongst people of the country.

Source: Jomhornews


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