EXCLUSIVE – Abdel Bari Atwan warns of the imminent fall of Al Saud

SHAFAQNA – In an interview with France 24 last week, Abdel Bari Atwan, former editor in chief of Al Hayat and prominent political analyst foretold the fall of Saudi Arabia as a regional superpower in not just the Middle East but the Islamic world.

Answering questions on Yemen, Syria and the broadening of conflicts in the region, Atwan warned that the sun was about to set on Al Saud’s hegemonic power and ambitions.

“Iran will be the main ruling power in the region … in that Tehran will generate political traction and largely set the tone for the developments across the MENA region.”

Pointing to developments in Syria and Yemen where Iran has made headways in terms of neutralizing Riyadh’s nefarious influence in fueling sectarian tensions, Atwan stressed that Washington had recognized that Saudi Arabia has become a liability in the region, a free nucleon which needed to be reined in for order to be restored.

Saudi Arabia has often been accused of financing terror to further its religious and political agenda for the region.


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