EXCLUSIVE – Hate crimes against US Christian community on the increase

SHAFAQNA – Rights activists in New York, (U.S.) told Shafaqna in exclusive comments this Tuesday that yet another religiously motivated hate crime occurred on April 27 at a Church in in New York City’s borough of Brooklyn.

Two people were killed and four wounded in a shooting after they left a funeral service in New York City’s borough of Brooklyn on Monday night, confirmed police sources. Police identified the two victims killed in the shooting as 40-year-old Sharieff Clayton and 44-year-old Ronald Murphy.

Two other men and two women were treated for wounds at hospitals, The New York Police Department said in a statement.

Rights activist Martin Brown told Shafaqna, “Violence against religious communities across the U.S. has been on the up over the past few months and unless something is done to promote tolerance we will see many more acts of senseless violence.”

He added, “Muslims have been targeted as well in the community and this is simply not right. We all need to come together and stop this hatred against all religion. Atheism is becoming a problem in the U.S. as it entails intolerance. Those who targeted the Church did so as they have learned to hate all symbols of religion and faith. As a society we have a deep problem.”

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