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Exclusive interview with Jeremy Corbyn

SHAFAQNA – Earlier this month Shafaqna had the privilege of conducting an interview with Jeremy Corbyn. Among other subjects, we discussed rising intolerance in British society against religious minorities on the premise that their beliefs set them outside Western society.

One of the most controversial figures of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn has often been slated by his own party members for speaking against the grain, and expressing views which have clashed with the political Establishment consensus vis a vis issues such as: weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, or British foreign policy in the Middle East.


SHAFAQNA – Mr Corbyn where do you stand in regards to Britain’s support of Saudi Arabia in Yemen, and Britain’s stand in the Middle East in view of recent developments.


JEREMY CORBYN – Britain has very clear rules when it comes to the sale of weapons, and I believe an inquiry should be launched in regards to reports that abuses were committed against civilians.

Britain made many mistakes when it comes to its foreign policy. I still maintain that we should never have gone to Iraq. Back then I warned that a military intervention would unleash terror, and I was right.

We need to learn to foster communication in between countries, especially in our disagreements or criticism.

With Russia for example, I have been very vocal over human rights violations. At the same time I would absolutely favour strong ties with President Putin to solve such issues and hopefully achieve resolution.


SHAFAQNA – How would you address rising intolerance and what responsibility does the political class bear here?


JEREMY CORBYN – Intolerance on the basis of race or faith is always unacceptable and as a society we ought to defend our right to religious freedom and freedom in general. The public debate has been muddied by fear and misapprehension, which in turn fed into racism and intolerance.

Community building is important and more efforts should be exerted towards it.

Jeremy Corbyn on Jeremy Corbyn:

“Throughout my political career, I have always stood up for a country that delivers for the many not the few. In this election, Labour is leading a movement to create an economy worthy of the 21st Century, and build a Britain that we can all be proud of.

The Conservatives’ choices in government show that they are the party of privilege and the richest. I’m proud that the Labour Party, founded for and by working people, continues to stand up for working people. When Labour wins elections, it is the people and not the powerful who win. The nurse, the teacher, the small trader, the builder, the office worker, the student, the carer win. We all win.

Britain needs a Labour government that is prepared to fight for people across this country. Our Labour government won’t be scared to take on the powerful, who hoard our country’s wealth for themselves. Britain needs a government that will invest in people in every community to build a better future for every single person.

Politics is about choices. We need a Labour government that will choose the people over the powerful – no more give aways to the super-rich while the rest of us face less money in our pockets and cuts to our NHS, schools, police and all the services we rely upon.

We will put the people first by building one million homes, investing to upgrade our economy and stand firm in the Brexit negotiations to secure full and tariff-free access to European markets.

These policies represent the Labour values that I have always fought for and the values which are in our country’s proudest traditions.

Together, we can build an economy worthy of the 21st Century, and a country for the many, not the few.”


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