EXCLUSIVE – ISIS top commander is killed in Iraq

SHAFAQNA – According to reports, the Iraqi armed forces would have killed one of ISIS top military commander this Saturday.

Local officials told Shafaqna that Mosul’ ISIS’ governor died after the armed forces challenged terror militants in northern Iraq as part of a broader campaign to expulse the terror group from Iraq. Scores of militants were killed in the clashes.

This is the third time that an ISIS governor is killed in Mosul.

Earlier this week, the Iraqi defense minister said that his country’s forces will take the city of Mosul back from ISIS without any assistance from foreign forces.

“The battle for Mosul will be carried out by Iraqi forces exclusively; in planning, timing and execution,” the Iraqi minister, Khalid al-Obiedi, told reporters at a joint press conference with his Turkish counterpart Ismet Yilmaz in Baghdad.

“Iraq will not ask for assistance from any other forces,” Obiedi said.

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