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EXCLUSIVE – Prominent analyst tells of Ansarallah coming victory

SHAFAQNA – Abdel Bari Atwan, the former editor in chief of Al Hayat, the British-based pan-Arab newspaper – told Shafaqna in exlcusive comments that he believes Yemen’s Ansarallah group will gain the upper hand on former President Abdo Rabbo Mansour Hadi.
Discussing recent developments in Yemen and the escalation in violence, Atwan explained that as things currently stand it is likely Ansarallah, which remains in control of the capital, Sana’a will quickly neutralize Hadi’s troops and crush the growing Al Qaeda insurgency in southern Yemen.
As Hadi has called for war against Sana’a, branding Ansarallah and its leader, Sayyed Abdel Malek Al Houthi a traitor, Al Qaeda militants have increased their activities in southern Yemen, keen to take advantage of growing internal tensions to expand their grip on the impoverished nation.
“Former President Hadi might have the support of Saudi Arabia but he liked the manpower. The Houthis in the north have the support of manty tribes as well as the military expertise of Yemen former Republican Guards. Experience, not money wil speak on the battlefield,” said Atwan.
He added, “And since the UNSC made clear that it will not come to Hadi’s help, Ansarallah will have little difficulties in subsuing Aden and with it the rest of Yemen. Hadi is hardly the man for the job. He is a weak and fickle leader whose interests and ambitions are the advancement of his family … not Yemen.”

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