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EXCLUSIVE – Saudi Arabia targets women and children in Sana’a – VIDEO

SHAFAQNA – This Monday – March 30 – doctors and other medical staff in the Yemeni capital, Sana’a reported a sharp increase in civilian casualties. “Dozens of injured, women and children, have come through our doors  … this is a humanitarian catastrophe. The Arab coalition is bombing heavy inhabited civilian areas … we are talking war crimes here. And the world is not saying anything … the media have refused to talk to us because they do not want the truth to come out,” said Dr Hamad Al Hamadi to Shafaqna.
Witnesses on the ground confirmed that several districts of Sana’a have come under heavy bombing this Monday. “In Hadda, Faj Attan and AlSbahee, bombs have rained from the sky all day and all night last night. Al Saud is trying to destroy Yemen entirely. This war is not against the Houthis it is against all of Yemen.They have stolen our lands in the 1930s and now they want to kill our sons and rob us of our future,” said a local businessman, Ahmed Al Khawlani.
But if the bombing has intensified, Yemenis are determined to organize themselves and meet foreign troops head on shoudl they enter into Yemen. Civilians have already pledged their weapons to the Houthis, vowing that whether, Saudis, Sudanis or Egyptians, whoever will date march on Yemen will become a declared enemy of the Yemeni people.
As tensions run high, Sana’a, a city which has withstood the test of time, stands to be destroyed.


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