Exclusive / Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili calls for respecting international treaties following attack on Saudi embassy


SHAFAQNA – Following the death of Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr by the Saudi authorities, and the wave of violence which swept across the Islamic world as a result of it, Grand Ayatollah Mousavi Ardebili condemned the execution of Sheikh al-Nimr in the strongest terms possible, meanwhile he also emphasized that international treaties should be respected.

An advocate for religious cohesion, solidarity and order the Grand Ayatollah offered words of patience and compassion before the death of Sheikh al-Nimr.

Speaking to Shafaqna in an exclusive written interview Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardebili emphasized “the need for observing international treaties and avoiding any act which will lead to accusing Muslims of breach of agreements.”

He added, “It is necessary that the protests by Muslims in all cases and especially in the case of the martyrdom of Hojjatol Islam Sheikh Nimr Baqer Al-Nimr to be conducted in a way that will not give any excuse to the opponents and enemies and God forbid place them in higher position in the international public opinion.”

Such injunctions for respecting international treaties came after protesters in Iran set fire to the Saudi embassy.

It is important to note that Grand Ayatollah Mosavi’s comments are part of a binding fatwa, and as such should serve as a legal reference for all Muslims.

Following is an excerpt of the interview Shafaqna conducted with the Grand Ayatollah Mosavi Ardebili:

SHAFAQNA –  As it is accepted in the laws of all the countries and international arena, diplomats and diplomatic places like embassies are protected by the host country. Sometimes it is noticed that to protest the position of some countries, their embassies are attacked by some protesters. What is your opinion in this regard and going against such laws will be going against the religious laws?

Grand Ayatollah Mosavi – “In the name of God,

Observing all treaties and agreements are Wajeb according to the religious laws and is especially emphasized in the case of the international treaties because violating the international treaties will damage the image of Islam and Muslims and they will be accused of violating agreements and unfaithfulness. It is necessary that all the protests by the Muslim people in all cases especially the case of the martyrdom of Hojjatol Islam wal Moslemeen Sheikh Nimr Baqer Al-Nimr be conducted in a way that no excuse can be given to the opponents and the enemies and God forbid it is not in a way that place them higher in the international public opinion. As always, falling into the trap that the enemies have spread to cause religious and tribal conflicts must be avoided and it must not be allowed that this case to breathe into the fire of dispute between Shia and Sunni. We pray that the noble martyr will be placed with all Divine saints and return the sedition of the enemies to themselves.”




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