EXCLUSIVE – Yemen blockade’s runner – how a group of Yemeni is defying Al Saud blackout on Yemen

SHAFAQNA - “Justice is better than courage as if everyone is fair to others, then there will be no need for courage.” – Imam Ali

Since we’re sadly living in a world tainted by injustice and enmities, courage has become a precious commodity, one which is only too rare. In our troubled times “doing the right thing” almost always rhyme with defying the powers that be – as far as most of the Middle East is concerned those “powers” reside in Riyadh and they abide by the rule of the haughty and the treacherous.

The Yazid of our modern days, the House of Saud has been responsible for much of the tragedies which have befallen the region – the fountainhead of radicalism and princes of oppression; the hand of Wahhabism has stretched as far as Al Saud’s billions have carried.

And since materialism has been the axis upon which nations have revolved around – except for those leaders of men brave enough to put the Word before ambition, nations have walked the path of unfettered capitalism – the new expression of imperialism.

Yemen knows only too well what heavy burden of hardship it is to carry but to live under the suffocating shadow of Al Saud.

Since March 2015 Yemen has suffered under a grand blockade, for King Salman imagined he could beat the sons of Hamdan [Yemen] into submission.

But Yemenis have proven more resilient and determined than Riyadh could have ever imagined. Far from crumbling, or surrendering, Yemen rose to the challenge, intent on withstanding those tyrants’ assault.

For seven months Yemen has stood tall before the financial might of Al Saud. The poorest country of the Arabian Peninsula has taught the world a lesson in valor …. a man’s valor can never be measured by its wealth.

Yemen put the world to shame as it continues to defend its right for freedom.

But before the injustice of those who think themselves all mighty and powerful, a group of men have defied the Saudi-coalition by running its grand blockade and bring Yemen much needed humanitarian relief.

At such a time when even the United Nations has fallen victims to Saudi Arabia’s financial patronage by accepting funding on the condition that only pre-determined segments of the population will access aid, the Mona Relief organization has refused to play such despicable sectarian games.While the international community looks on as Yemen Zaidi community is being stigmatized on account of its religious tradition, the Mona Relief organization is proudly swimming against the current, defending those values which were meant universal – that every men and women are equal and that life, every life matters.

In the face of aggravated difficulties the Mona Relief organization brought Sana’a some welcome relief by distributing food and medicine to displaced families.

When Al Saud continue to claim more lives  – an estimated 6000 people have already died since March – the charity is offering hope. When neighbouring nations are claiming to liberate to the tune of mortar shells and missiles, this charity is offering generosity of the heart.

True courage can be find in those who denounce injustice wherever it may lie.

By Catherine Shakdam for Shafaqna

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