EXCLUSIVE – Yemen orphans face aggravated hardship – clerics call for mercy

SHAFAQNA – A group of Zaidi clerics in Sana’a and Sa’ada have partnered up to bring reliefs to orphanages in the north as Saudi Arabia continues to pound civilian infrastructures from the air.

Mohammed Hamed one of the volunteered of the campaign – Save Yemen’s orphans – explained how the clerics helped raise money, food, blankets and medicine for the orphans.

He told Shafaqna, “Yemen’s orphans are the forgotten casualties of the war. No one talks about the misery which has befallen them. Our prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and our Imam Ali and all those after him have commanded us to be kind and merciful to the weak. At this time of great need we want to hold true to Islam and provide assistance to those God has put under our care.


Imam Hassan (whose real name has been changed for security reasons) stressed that “If the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia want to sell Islam as a vengeful and blood thirsty version of Islam, we will make our Islam shines through the softness of our heart and the restraint of our manners. We have little to offer our children and our women but we will persist in raising them and protecting them in the words of God. We will meet our suffering with patience as Imam Hussain (AS) met his trials with patience in courage.


The world has declared war on Yemen but we will continue to work towards peace. Death is a relief for the believers and a bitter punishment for the unfaithful.

Our reward is not here on this Earth, we are only here for an appointed time and we intend to walk in Islam’s path.”


Despite severe shortages of food, medicine and other basic commodities, residents and mosques have opened their doors to Yemen’s orphans offering them shelter and protection.


“What people would be be not to provide for the weak and the poor. We are all equal before God and only our actions will matter in the end. Riches and power are for the wicked. We would rather leave in poverty and dignity. There is beauty in patience and resilience. Our beloved prophet (PBUH) himself suffered a great deal and yet he always showed kindness and mercy onto all. Are we not to follow in his example?


Islam does not profess violence and hatred. Islam is not Wahhabism. This divide Sunni and Shia is a fabrication, a deviance created by the infidels to separate Muslims. Our differences should make us strong and not divide us. We all can learn from each other as no one can claim to possess absolute truth as Truth can only be with God.”

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