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Exhibition of Bahraini detainees child in Washington University

SHAFAQNA ( Exclusive ) – US Organization for Democracy and Human Rights in Bahrain held an exhibition on Thursday (February 12, 2015) in the lounge (Salman Hamad Al Khalifa) at the American University in Washington, and under the banner of (my dear friends).The Organization highlighted the abuse of children in Bahrain’s prisons, where they showed images and messages for the children of the detainees were subjected to various kinds of physical and psychological abuse, while depriving many of them from the school, and were prevented from performing their final exams.

The exhibition has received interest from many Americans university students who came to know the suffering of the children of Bahrain, some of whom said that “donations Salman al-Khalifa will not make us be silent.” Legal officer of the Organization Mr. James Suzanwa has discussed the situation of children of Bahrain students who have called for the US authorities to “raise this issue with the authorities of Bahrain,” and  exhibition was visited by former Bahraini MP Matar Matar.

It is noteworthy that the US Organization for Democracy and Human Rights organize many events in the fourth anniversary of the start of the fourteenth of February Revolution, and included the establishment of several seminars in the US Congress, and in the organization “Freedom House” headquarters and at Georgetown University.
Many of those concerned Bahrani of politicians and jurists which has hosted, and the most prominent member of Congress, “McGovern” and human rights, “Brian international”, in addition to the participation of lawyer Mohammed merchant.

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