Expansion of Islamic unity, major mission of Shia Sunni promoters


SHAFAQNA – Hujjat-ul-Islam Ali Nazari Monfared, top Shia cleric, in an interview with Iran’s RASA News Agency, hailed the arrival of Islamic Unity Week, saying that the unifying religion of Islam is owed to Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) who joined all Muslims round the flag of monotheism brought by Islam.

He stressed the role of religious promoters in unifying Muslims demanding clerics to move in line with benefits of Islam.

The cleric referred to the targets of enemies of Shia Sunni communities, called them opportunitist people and counted joint God, same Qibla (praying direction), belief in resurrection and also respect for Prophet of Islam (PBUH) but those who are in pursuit of their personal interests spark disagreements though it is our holy mission to resist against them.

Hujjat-ul-Islam Nazari Monfared counted the necessarey preliminaries for Islamic unity and said,” Unity has to be studies in ideological and practical aspects where the former is that all Muslims believe in monotheism, prophecy and the Day of Judgement and the latter is practicing the guidelines of holy Qur’an, another commonality of all Muslims.”

Professor at Qom Seminary called fraternity and resolution of disagreements as the most important recommendations in the holy book of Islam and noted,” If we are truly committed to a fraternal relation amongst us, we will never ignore Islamic unity as a principle and can stand agaisnt our enemies as a unified body.” Adding,” It is also possible that we resolve our disagreements through our fratenal ties.”

Senior cleric highlighted the necessity of solidarity and fraternity as two blessings in Islam and warned against any form of dispersion.”

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