Experts Warn That Antibiotic Resistance Attack Will Epidemic In India.

SHAFAQNA – Antibiotic resistance is a form of drug struggle where GERMS are able to survive after exposure to one or more it is the most common diseases in the modern world. According to the report of the world health expert  India is the first suspecting country for the anti biotic resistance problem

To the repot from the world health expert tens of thousands of Indian babies die every twelve months because of germs resistant to antibiotics. The disease take part the in and the other developing country. It may take the form of a natural or induced inherent alteration.

In that case the Doctors of India  say that although newborns represent the highest risk group, since their resistant system is very weak, everybody is at risk. But on the other hand this risk level is not for the babies but also for the adult and the poor and needy people.

Doctors says that these bacteria lead to antibiotic-resistant infection that often the final result in death. Every year lots of people lost their lives for that reason. The two most common causes of death are sepsis and pneumonia.  The government of India take it in the most priority basis.

This is noticeable that  India is well-known for the highest infant mortality rate in the world – about 800,000 babies die each year in this country (about a third of world’s infant death rate).they going to sort-out the problem for the fatal disease.  Dr Walsh one of the famous Doctor in  said the situation was due to uncontrolled antibiotic prescriptions from inexperienced doctor , overcrowding, and “dreadful sanitation”.

For the huge population problem India could not provide the service for the good habitation and the standard of life style, INDIA Authority is not capable to give the proper service, in that case most of the medicine and anti biotic resistance coming from E.U, the U.S Oman and Japan. For the huge demand of medicine they did not provide the low quality medicine.

In finally, In India, antibiotic-resistant bacteria multiplied so quickly because private doctors are poorly trained, and the Authority of Health ministry are not well conscience about the law.

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