Extension tradeoff between Iran, 5+1: Kerry

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)- US Secretary of State John Kerry has talked to regional allies and claimed that ‘now they would feel safer than before.’

John Kerry talked to the reporters in Vienna short after conclusion in the lran’s nuclear negotiations with the Sextet. Kerry first addressed US regional allies, including Israel and Persian Gulf Arab states and claimed that they would now ‘feel safer than before.’

Kerry said that these issues were very complex, requiring explanations of most difficult details.

Kerry said that due to nature of negotiations, content of the negotiations would not be revealed to the public. “This is not an ideological solution; we do seek a practical and commonsense solution to Iran’s nuclear program,” Kerry said. “We want to terminate sanctions, but the world still has unanswered questions from Iran about his nuclear program; solution would not be based on trust, because trust would be made overnight; instead, it should be based on verification,” he told reporters in Vienna.

He also addressed Iranian people to enjoy the ‘sanctions relief’ as installments to be received by Iran every month till July 1, 2015, and the opportunity they have found to rejoin the international community.

Kerry also told reporters that the government of the United States had been working with the Congress and that “they will continue to work with it in next 7 months” of negotiations, but believed that it was too immature to speculate about the Congress reaction after 7 months.

Kerry admitted that Iran had been committed to its obligations, but that “Powers have also done their commitments in releasing frozen assets, that is, it has been actually a tradeoff between Iran and Powers.”







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