Extremism distorting true face of Islam says Iran’s FM

SHAFAQNA – Iran’s Javad Zarif has told Nigerian counterpart close collaboration of Islamic countries would help fight Boko Haram, ISIL, and other extremists.

Mohammad Javad Zarif received Mr. Godffrey Onyema, Nigerian counterpart on Monday who is visiting Tehran. The meeting discussed ways to boost bilateral relations and the latest developments in the region.

Zarif highlighted potentials of Iran and Nigeria in economics and technology, especially in renewable energies; “Iran and Nigeria have great opportunities to cooperate in new technologies and establishment of private technology firms and electricity companies in framework of regional enterprises within the Islamic world; great unexplored markets lie ahead of us which would help Iran and Nigeria provide their businessmen with opportunities to work,” Zarif told Onyema. “In times post-JCPOA, we will new situations in the upcoming December with sanctions no longer stifling Iran’s banking and financial system; Nigeria could establish itself the African main hub of regional cooperation,” Zarif added.

Zarif also turned to Boko Haram, ISIL, and Al-Shabab terrorist groups; “the ever-increasing threat of extremism have roots in the misconceived interpretation of the scriptures, and the incompetence in part of us to understanding their major sources of support; their abominable acts had defiled the true face of Islam,” he emphasized. “They had presented a blurred image of the Muslims’ highly principled beliefs through their atrocities and utter savagery in Syria, Iraq, Mali, Nigeria, and elsewhere across the world; any effective fight against these extremists entails close collaboration of all Islamic countries,” Zarif demanded.

Nigerian foreign minister for his part believed that Iran was a country with ample opportunities and capacities, and suggested that both countries improve cooperation in all fields of interest. “Nigeria has as a priority relations with Iran. We seek to discover and effectively use Iran’s advantages in energy and technology; we have resolved enough to boost our cultural ties with Iran as well, and agreements and MoUs will provide the necessary grounds to achieve this,” he concluded.


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