Extremism is a threat to democracy in South Asia

SHAFAQNA (Shia International News Association)

According to British media that though most of the South Asian countries except Afghanistan and Nepal has adopted democracy as their government system however increasing religious bigotry poses a severe threat to democracy in South Asian countries. These countries face severe challenges to the system due to increasing extremism.

Afghanistan’s future is still bleak and Nepal though succeeded in getting rid of monarchy yet they failed to adopt democracy as a system. SriLanka is facing similar threat from as Sinhalese majority not only attacking Muslims’s worship places but also driving a campaign against Muslims. Burma is another example of religious extremism where hundred of thousands Rohingya Muslims have been killed and Mosques have been demolished. Bangladesh is also rich in Extremist elements and number of extremist organizations is operating in the name of religion. India though an old democracy yet right wing extremist organization are at full swung because of Modi’s victory and in recent incidents they blocked Ashura processions. Extremist Hindu organizations are also driving a campaign to ban cow slaughter. Meanwhile they also force several Christians to convert to Hinduism.

Translated from Dailypakistan.com.pk


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