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Fabric Printed with Quranic Verses Seized in UAE

SHAFAQNA- Fabric with verses from the Holy Quran printed on it and sold in local markets in the UAE has been confiscated, as such acts are offensive, are against the rules and regulations of the country and contravene Islamic teachings.

According to Ahmed Al Awadhi, senior director of field control section at the Department of Economic Development, (DED), Dubai, the seizure occurred when the section received a complaint from a consumer that fabric printed with verses from the Holy Quran was up for sale, an Emirati daily reported.

The section sent an inspector to ensure the complaint was correct, and the fabric was confiscated. Action will be taken against the offender.

Al Awadhi stressed the need to confront such unhealthy and illegal phenomena which surface from time to time due to the ignorance of some people. In most cases they do not understand the language printed on the fabrics nor the standards and the quality of the showcased product.

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